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It all seems a bit overwhelming, doesn’t it? Finding the perfect team of vendors, coordinating with your bridal party, and choosing the perfect centerpieces. If you are starting to feel the stress, take a breath and let us be your guide through the entire process.

I won’t deny, there are many wonderful wedding planners in Richmond and each planner has their own way of ensuring the perfect day for their couples. But at Elizabeth Eagle Events, we believe this process is more than the event itself. We want to ensure the overall health of your engagement during this time. The effects that planning a wedding can have on a couple is significant, but with proper guidance, you’ll feel truly excited to say, “I do!”

Are we a good fit for you? If these statements resonate with you, we’re truly meant to be!

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Your wedding is special – not something you want to say “I’ll manage” to. We specialize in full service planning because it’s the most helpful and beneficial option for you – no matter how much time you have or how organized you may be. Couples that plan on their own tend to miss important tasks, push off coordination items, blow their budget, and miss red flags when booking vendors.

We do this around the clock and are well-acquainted with the industry. We can help you avoid these wedding planning “don’ts” that every couple makes while planning their big day. We are so secure in our process that we even publish blogs to educate others, all while continuing our own education.

“The moment you stop learning, you stop growing.”


Our workflow is designed to be streamlined and easy to manage. We even build in breaks so you can enjoy your engagement and fully experience every moment.

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Elizabeth was recommended to me by a mutual friend on Facebook! She is absolutely amazing and definitely makes me feel like she can get the job done efficiently and exactly how we want it!

Desiree – SALEM, VA
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Our event management package is best suited for the couple that desires to do the bulk work but would prefer a professional guide along the way.

To confidently accomplish a unique and elegant day, this job requires more than just the “day-of” or “month-of” that you are likely accustomed to hearing. You deserve an event manager that will ensure you are avoiding costly and logistical mistakes by being available to you throughout the entire process.

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At Elizabeth Eagle Events, our mission far exceeds the event itself. We take your mental health and the health of your relationship seriously! It’s a stressful time and we know it, so we want to handle the bulk work for you, build in well-deserved breaks, and even encourage you to seek pre-marital counseling. It’s a passion of ours – ensuring your happiness during your engagement is imperative.


As a special thank you for your service, verified medical professionals, first responders, nurses and military members can enjoy an exclusive 15% off discount.